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Wells Healthcare Pharmacy, located at 435 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester MA is a pharmacy that offers prescription, over-the-counter medications and a wide range of services.

We embrace the concept of collaborative patient care and therefore take time to coordinate with physicians and other providers to fully address patient concerns. Our experienced and licensed pharmacy staff are committed to working with other healthcare professionals to achieve the best results for our patients.

Our goal is to improve patient care outcomes from the usage of their medications. Hence, we offer WellsPak – a PakMymed adherence system and Medicine-On-Time blister packaging in addition to conventional medications vials and bottles.

Wells Healthcare Pharmacy prides in its knowledgeable and experienced pharmacy staff. We work with our customers on individual basis to design the most suitable service plan by working closely with other members in healthcare delivery team and consider ourselves as a part the team to provide optimal benefit in the delivery of pharmaceutical needs.

We offer unique services like home delivery or single visit monthly pick-up of medications.


"Patient focused; solution driven."

We are focused on our patients, and we strive to bring solution to their needs.


"To help patients get better and live healthy life by continually innovating and developing systems that provide high-quality pharmacy services along with friendly customer service to patients and the facilities we serve."

Why Switch to Wells Healthcare Pharmacy?

Wells Healthcare Pharmacy focuses on providing services that make life easier for our customers.

Low prices

"Our team automatically applies discounts to find you the best price on your medications and we accept most major insurance"

Free same-day delivery

"Our couriers deliver your medications to your door, and it’s always free."

Chat with a pharmacist

"Worried about side effects? Something else? Chat with a pharmacist anytime."
+1 508.351.0989